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Amazon Prime: a student’s best friend

Disclaimer: This article is not affiliated or sponsored by Amazon (I wish they did though). 

Just as how Netflix and iPhones grew to become necessities for survival in a modern world, Amazon has stealthily crept into our lives as the go-to delivery service for everything and anything you could possibly need. Since Amazon has no intention of disappearing for the foreseeable future, one should take full advantage of their services. Ultimately, everyone’s lifestyle is different. If you never order things online, this probably won’t make a difference in your life. But if you’re a chronic online shopper like myself, Prime Student will save you countless $$$ and time in the long run.


Prime Student is Amazon’s gift to us broke kids and my saviour in first-year. With a free six-month trial and 50% discounted fee onwards ($39/year vs. $79/year CAD), Prime Student is a win-win cause that feels suspiciously too good to be true. Keep in mind this article was written from my experience with Amazon Canada. Services will differ depending on your country.



For some reason, humans were programmed with the biological intuition to avoid and fear shipping costs. $90 for a pair of Steve Madden shoes? Yes! $45 on a Becca highlighter? Sign me up! $8 for shipping? Absolutely not. In my defence, shipping costs do add up, especially if you order a lot. Before I got Prime, I used to spend close to $7 on shipping for every order I made online. For the mathematicians out there, you’d see how that quickly snowballed into a hefty $50 for just one month’s worth of orders AKA me voluntarily throwing $600 in the trash every year.

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s a hypothetical scenario:

Let’s say your average shipping fee is $5 (very conservative estimate). If you order only 8 times during a 365-day time span, your initial payment of $39 is broken-even. From there, you’re getting orders for as ‘free’ as they can get.



I don’t think I can fully express how much I abused Amazon Prime’s delivery function. I’m a really impatient person so if I have the opportunity for instant gratification, I will take it. With all your time taken up by attending classes and studying, you really don’t want to go out of your way to run errands at the mall (esp. if your uni town has a subpar bus system like mine). With Prime, your deliveries not only arrive right to your doorstep but they arrive within two business days. This is a lifesaver for when you need last minute purchases.

Some examples of Prime saving my ass and my friend’s asses too:

  • That time I forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day because of midterms and needed festive green garb ASAP
  • When my floormate called me on a Tuesday asking for a luggage scale for their Friday flight to avoid baggage fees
  • Needing to restock anything in the Winter without wanting to leave the comfort of my dorm


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 5.25.26 PM.png

Yeah it’s a little weird that Amazon tracks your purchasing habits and knows more about you than your mom but let’s be honest, Facebook probably knows more. Before shopping for necessities on my own, I never understood why people were obsessed with coupons. Turns out, you save a hell of a lot of money when you use them. In addition, Amazon also offers discounts on their textbook listings when you have a Prime membership. As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.



If you’ve used up your free Dropbox or iCloud storage and need more but don’t feel like paying, your Prime membership has you covered. Amazon has a cloud of its own and the best part is, it’s unlimited!



To be honest, I didn’t find out about this function until recently and this is what prompted me to write about the glory of Prime. If you’re willing to give up your Netflix originals, you can save around $130 a year cutting down on your subscription services. Prime Video has a huge collection of your favourite movies and tv shows as well as their own original series. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a personal favourite and Amazon exclusive. For the gamers out there, Twitch Prime is a huge bonus with free in-game loot, ad-free viewing, and free channel subscriptions.


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