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Foreign Foodie: Lolo Polos Artesanos

If you ever go to Madrid, most people will recommend you to eat things like tapas, paella, churros, or Iberian ham. While all those are delicious classics that you should definitely try at least once, not many people talk about just walking around and finding the city’s hidden food gems. On my visit to Madrid in 2016, a friend and I accidentally found this cute store that sold the most refreshing popsicles I’ve ever tasted. Here are three reasons why you need to check out Lolo Polos Artesanos on your next trip to Madrid.

1. It’s Straight Out of a Movie

Tucked away on Calle del Espíritu Santo, Lolo Polos is super easy to spot. Its romantic pink and flowery exterior is the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos.

The store’s interior is not far behind the cuteness of its exterior. Everything about this place screams colour and summer. It literally could be a scene out of a Wes Anderson movie.

2. It’s an Affordable and Healthy Popsicle Heaven

Nothing feels better than eating a cold popsicle after a hot day in Madrid; especially when it’s as cheap and healthy for you as Lolo Polos. All their popsicles are gluten-free and made daily out of fresh fruit AKA you’re getting the real deal! No artificial preservatives or colours at all (sad how this is impressive in today’s world of junk food) and they have lactose-free and vegan options. The best part is, everything’s under 3 euro!

Seriously, look at all the selection and flavours you can choose from.

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Hoy os traigo una de mis heladerías favoritas de Madrid!! El LOLO Polos de Malasaña. Una heladería que hace polos artesanos de un montón de sabores que además van cambiando casi diariamente. Un punto muy positivo es que tienen polos que no llevan leche para los Intolerantes a la Lactosa (bastante penitencia tenemos ya con el queso como para encima no poder comer helados…), y además muy variados así que no te aburres de los mismos sabores siempre!! Suelen usar frutas de temporada lo cual también habla a su favor (esta vez había muchos con fresa y naranja, pero la vez que estuve en verano me comí uno con Paraguayo ❤️) El precio es a 2.95€ cada uno, así que son asequibles!! . . . . #madrid #madridmola #malasaña #malasañamola #malasañeando #gastronomia #gastronomy #lolopolosmalasaña #cocinainnovadora #lolopolosartesanos #reposteriacreativa #lolopolos #gastrobarmadrid #gastronomiamoderna #turismo #tourism #travelphotography #travelblogger #travelblog #trip #viajar #reisen #comunidaddemadrid #spain #españa

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3. It’s in a Cool Ass Neighbourhood

Calle del Espíritu Santo is in Madrid’s Malasaña neighbourhood and it’s nothing short of trendy and hip. The stores surrounding Lolo Polos are places like vintage record stores, thrift shops, independent book stores, underground music dens, and more. Even if you’re not interested in store hopping, the street itself is adorned with graffiti and other cool art made by locals.

Address: Calle del Espíritu Santo, 16, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Hours: Sun-Thurs 2:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 2:00pm-11:30pm

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